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Use of Linux-based systems for visualization in HMI systems

Linux systems offer many advantages Since the mid-1990s, PC systems have been increasingly used in the automation of production machines. In addition to networking and control, its usage particularly includes the operation of the machines [...]

WebIQ 2.4 – Just work together!

WebIQ 2.4 is now available and brings a new and interesting feature We have come a long way closer to our goal of making WebIQ the most user-friendly tool for creating web-based HMIs! As announced in the release of [...]

HTML5 Meets OPC-UA: Web Technology In Factory Automation

OPC Unified Architecture, OPC UA for short, is a standardized and secure solution for machine communication in modern factory automation. The cross-platform standard is based on the specifications of the OPC Foundation and is now [...]

WebIQ Designer: Designed For HMI Professionals By UX Experts

Miriam Bottesch is working as a User Experience Designer at the User Interface Design GmbH. She has extensive experience in the user-centered design of products from various industries. Miriam Bottesch studied communication design at the [...]

Touch It (Design Of Multitouch HMIs) – Part 3

Choose The Right Gestures With the advent of multi-touch interaction, a real race has broken out. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft or Google have patented a variety of touch gestures for their mobile smart devices. [...]

Touch It (Design Of Multitouch HMIs) – Part 2

Make Your Touch Interaction  Natural In natural interaction, we take advantage of the knowledge of what each person brings from their natural environment, such as: the existing knowledge about physics from the everyday experience, etc. [...]

Touch It (Design Of Multitouch HMIs) – Part 1

Multitouch has become standard for many industrial HMIs. Smartphones and tablets have shown us the way. Nevertheless, there are some things to consider when you are designing a multitouch HMI. Below we have compiled the [...]

Meaning Of Usability And User Experience In HMI Design

Interview With Franz Koller Franz Koller is the founder and Managing Director of User Interface Design GmbH (UID). The graduate computer scientist previously led the market strategy team Interactive Products at the Fraunhofer IAO and [...]

Simplicity vs. Usability

Usability is now a hygiene factor in HMI design. You don't find any specifications for the HMI design, in which the easy-to-use and intuitive interaction is not required. And now Simplicity? Is not that the same? No, as Giles Colborne [...]

HMI Design For Color Deficient Viewers

Color vision problems are more common than people think. Approximately 8 to 9% of men and 1% of women suffer from it. That Almost every 20 users of an HMI has color vision deficiency! In occupations dominated by men, [...]

Multiscreen Experience Design

Who has ever created a mobile HMI knows the problem: There is no longer the one control panel you design for. The target devices vary in screen size, aspect ratios, and resolution, especially when designed for multiple operating systems. [...]

Standards And Guidelines For Human Computer Interaction

It is always helpful to know the most important norms and standards for human-computer interaction when planning an HMI development. Here is an overview of the most important: The most established standard is probably the EN ISO 9241 "Ergonomics [...]

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