It is always helpful to know the most important norms and standards for human-computer interaction when planning an HMI development. Here is an overview of the most important:

The most established standard is probably the EN ISO 9241 “Ergonomics of Human System Interaction”. It is considered the standard for the design and evaluation of usability. It originally consisted of 17 parts and has been partially revised since 2006, or extended to other topics (available from Beuth-Verlag).

The VDI / VDE standard 3850 deals with the user-friendly design of operating systems for machines. It consists of 3 parts. Particular is part 1: Principles of user-friendly operating systems and part 3: Use of touch screens in production environments (available from Beuth-Verlag).

The VDMA Guideline for Software Ergonomics (available from VDMA Publishing House) also provides a good overview.