With ctrlX AUTOMATION Bosch Rexroth enters a new world of automation: a consistently flexible and scalable automation platform with maximum openness at all levels and interfaces.


The WebIQ HMI toolbox from Smart HMI is an integral part of this automation platform: Bosch Rexroth delivers both ,the engineering app as well as the runtime app with the ultra-compact controller ctrlX CORE by default. You can also combine WebIQ with other ctrlX AUTOMATION components.

Onboard HMI solution for ctrlX AUTOMATION


WebIQ Server App

WebIQ Designer App

Target SystemctrlX COREDevelopment PC 1
Operating SystemLinuxWindows

1 WebIQ Designer App only runs together with ctrlX CORE

Take advantage of all the functions and benefits of WebIQ for your ctrlX AUTOMATION project and find out more here on the Smart HMI website::