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WebIQ is an industry-neutral HMI toolbox and includes all the functions of a SCADA system with which you can store and evaluate process data. WebIQ scales from a few to several million process variables. With our solution you can create web-based HMIs for machines and process systems, industrial web apps and dashboard apps alike.

Therefore WebIQ plays a role in many industries and areas in which technical devices, machines or plants as well as complete production facilities need to be monitored and controlled. The HMI Toolbox has already been used successfully in the following industries:

Success Stories

Be inspired by our success stories


Reifenhäuser HMI EVO Blown Film Line

The requirements for a blown film line from Reifenhäuser are quickly described: “Produce cost-effective consistent quality around the clock.”But the number of process parameters that affect cost, time, and quality are huge. Therefore, it is very important for the operator to keep track of the process and to detect deviations immediately. The new web-based HMI of the EVO blown film line meets this challenge and is full of HMI innovations.


Weiss Technik WEBSeason

Weiss Technik develops and builds testing systems, which can simulate all climatic conditions around the globe and beyond. Weiss needed an HMI for its systems, which can display the tests both on-site and remotely. The solution was a web-based HMI. With the innovative WEBSeason® user interface the user can program, control and monitor his tests, anytime and anywhere.


Stadler HMI Next Generation Tram

Stadler Pankow GmbH (STADLER) is a leading supplier of rail vehicles, with a focus on regional trains, trams and tailor-made carriages. With the help of the web toolbox WebIQ, With the help of the HMI Toolbox WebIQ, Stadler has developed a digital driver dashboard for the next generation of tram, metro and subway trains.

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